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I’m honored to be the ICC Orange Empire Chapter President for 2015. For many years I have been very impressed by the prior presidents and there dedication to the membership and the core values this chapter represents. I quickly realized that I found an organization and a group of individuals who are dedicated to the same key issues that I too have been working towards. I now understand that this is not my presidency, but a continuation of those commitments that were started by the previous leaders of this chapter.


If we think about the last 20 years we have witnessed many substantial changes in our industry. The internet and technology have introduce many new ideas that we have accepted and now use on a regular basis. Additionally, these new changes are providing new challenges that as building officials we must sort through to determine if they are beneficial or add to our clutter.


As a Building Official, building codes are another topic that is also changing continuously. It feels like we just get to the point where we are understanding and implementing the current adopted codes and it’s time to adopt the next code cycle. Because codes have become so extensive and complicated, individuals are specializing in certain parts of the code. In many building departments the staff have people who focus on accessibility, sustainability, structural, fire life safety and many other sections of the codes. This new code knowledge method allows the building department staff to better support and assist the members in the community.


The chapter is a support mechanism for the membership, as president my commitment to the chapter is to provide all the information, and support the members need in the coming year. In the coming chapter meetings I hope to have discussions about sustainability, energy, codes, new products, and new processes that will help our members meet there challenges. I hope the members will reach out to me and suggest those topics which may be important to our industry.


I look forward to my term as president and I hope to meet the high standards set by my predecessors.


Russ 107x160





Charles (Russ) Russell

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