Chapter Active Committees

Our committees are dedicated to the ongoing education and betterment of the International Code Council. We believe that by working together, we can provide better resources like product evaluation, accreditation, certification, codification and training. Each committee shall consist of not less than two (2) members in good standings unless otherwise authorized by the Board of Directors. Committees shall be given specific charges and specific functions to perform by the President or as directed by the Board of Directors. All proposals or recommendations of committees shall be presented to the Board of Directors for final action.

Code Committee

The Objective of the Code Committee is to recommend code revisions, interpretations and code amendments. The committee selects code issues based on a common interest or significance to the membership. Recommendations will be posted from time to time on the chapter web page, but only after the membership has had an opportunity to provide input. Recommendations are in no way binding; the building official is solely authorized to render interpretations in his/her jurisdiction.

Committee Chair - Khanh Nguyen (CSG Consultants, Inc.)

Committee Co-Chair - Scott Beery (City of Anaheim)

Board Liaison - Jesse Cardoza (City of Irvine)

Education Committee

The Education Committee organizes education seminars on relevant Building Code topics that are important to Building Officials, Building Inspectors, Plan Reviewers and the construction industry. Please contact the Education Committee Chairperson with topic suggestions, professional seminar presentations or training opportunities.

Committee Chair - Douglas Armstrong (TRB & Associates)

Committee Co-Chair - Ji Yeon Lee (City of Norwalk)

Board Liaison - Kent Tsen (CAA, Inc.)

Public Relations and Membership

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Public Relations as "the art or science of establishing and promoting a favorable relationship with the public."
The mission of the Public Relations and Membership committee is to raise the profile and professionalism of the chapter through marketing, enhanced membership, and increased participation for the mutual benefit of the chapter and the people we served.
The committee has been focusing on two major programs in recent years – the Green Initiative and Scholarship programs. All goals, programs, and tasks of the committee are consistent with the “Chapter Goals and Objectives Strategic Plan.”
The committee meets on an as-needed basis.
Public Relations:

• Update committee application and post  
• Sponsor PDA/OC April meeting and arrange program/speaker.
• Sponsor BIA/OC workshops on New Building Standards & Sustainable Design.
• Update Committees page with new photo and members.
• Seek outside sponsorship – BofA, Washington Mutual, Lowes, Target, Irvine co., 3M, etc...
• Send out advertisement opportunity notices.
• Coordinate training with CACEO.
• Motion the membership to allow the committee to award scholarship funds.
• Update Scholarship form and post online.
• Send out notice on scholarship application period.
• Secure expenditure to purchase Green Initiative gift certificates.
• Coordinate annual golf tournament with OC PDA, APA, and CEA chapters.
• Coordinate location/venue for holiday luncheons.
• Review scholarship applications.
• Select and contact recipients.
• Donate to community projects.
• Coordinate joint meetings with LA Basin/Ventura Chapter.
• Coordinate and invite non-active past presidents to installation banquets.
• Update membership application & post.
• Send out renewal notice.
• Work on expanding membership.
• Send out ‘welcome new members’ notice.
• Update membership roster and email list.
• Work on renewals.
• Send out invoice for renewals.
• Remove non-renewals.
Other Tasks:
• Bid for CALBO ABM.
• Bid for ICC Conference

Committee Chair - Catie Armstrong (City of Tustin)

Committee Co-Chair - Nicole Bovey (City of Laguna Beach)

Board Liaison - Mariam Madjlessi (City of Tustin)

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is appointed to investigate, debate, and report on legislation affecting the Building & Safety Departments and Jurisdictions.

Committee Chair - Phil Nguyen (City of Garden Grove)

Board Liaison - Richard Supan (CSG Consultants, Inc.)


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